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creature creation comic

assignment for school, had a lot of fun doing this :D

dumping sketches

cus i cant use instagram ugh


realizing i should update way moar, ill b uploading sketches and random stuff every friday i hope.
even though this is a saturday heh heh

Heroes Villains 2/3

thnx leslie for the picture lool


Hero/villain 1 of 3
forgot to scan the other two before handing them in XD
inspired by tobias kwan D:

First LD pad of the year

 first life drawing pad of the year!! getting back into shape and trying new things :D


morning sketch
school scanners are not that great :/

moar sketches

May sketch dump looool, also there is a page which i got signed by Taiyo Matsumoto and Michael Arias at TAFFI D: !!

Brian's Summer Class

D: I liked this one from today's class, learning a lot! XD

lulz fanart


2nd year is over

Last life drawing portfolio of the year XD

last painting for school

Last painting assignment of the year XD

!!! whooooooo


painting class assignment
Heavily inspired by Tom Scholes huhuhu


here are the drawings that didn't make it into the final portfolio

classroom doodlez

k so Leslie Pulsifer aka Reshrie Pacifier made this classroom doodle challenge where we doodle random subject matter in class. and as promised i have posted them huhuhuh