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alll these layout assignments nearly killed me bleh, ill probably go in and turn them all into actual paintings someday, but that day is not today.

interior wip

i really dont like posting wips but i probably wont have time to finish this until christmas


10 min

10 min

10 min

5 min x2 

3/5 min

3 min

2 min

15 min

 2 min

3 min

 2/5 min

5 min

 5 min x 3

 10 min

 3 min page

huhuu finally get to update lds on my blog. Many thnx to THE TAHA for taking pictures for me ! life drawings are from the start of school in september till now

old stuff bwahaha

old sketches from the summer + highlighter drawings huhu, more recent stuff will b uploaded soon if i find myself a decent camera. looks like i finally reached the end of this sketchbook bleh i draw 2 many girls

1st robot

1st robot painting
roboderp huhuu

new test

testing new stuff, will do studies and come back to this maybe

nom nom nom ! !

zhaomingwu study

trying to study his colour scheme
hard to achieve a painterly look with just the default brush.
learning huhuhuhu

being lazy

regretting not making prints for an o well /nxtyear. heres a wip to show i havent been doing absolutely nothing. derp derp


new approach testing alskdjflskdjflaksdjf;laskdf;asdkfl;jal;sdkfj will try textured brushes nxt

Summer Dailies huhuhu

I hate when I accidentally save over changes I made. o well  :( huuuuuu

dailies will continue unless a wild job appears in the tall grass.

layout stuffs

reuploaded pan cus it wouldnt zoom + a bunch of random sketches i did

i dont wana study

i am so dissapoint in myself for failing to create personal time. School made me lose myself. will not happen again