I moved to Vancouver for work in July. almost forgot i had this blog haha.

weird sketch before bed


Hey! so for the past year, I've been making a 4th year film and haven't been able to update for a while, so heres a huge update with most of everything that I've done so far minus a few things that i uploaded from my phone on instagram and tumblr hehe. I've been painting a lot more regularly so I'll be posting those soon too.

Also I made an artstation a while ago and I've started to post there too https://www.artstation.com/artist/lum_j

Instergrem and termmblrr

So I made an instagram and tumblr account a while back that I post my sketches and life drawings on




Sketchy Lds

Just some messy drawings from class. 

Lds in my locker

Found these in my locker from a while ago

4th year film idea

about a girl , a star, and explosions


so i made a portfolio site with some things not on this blog